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Tips for keeping your dog living a longer life.

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Our pets are so important to us. We view them as family, our best friend. They are always loyal and accept us no matter what it is we've done. So we want to take care of them, keep them happy and health, living a longer life. Here are some good tips on how to keep your loved pets healthy. Some are simple, some you may not know about. Remember, you always want your dog healthy as possible and ready for any kind of pet travel, transportation or relocation.

1) Feed them good quality food. Getting the proper food, high in proteins is very important. It's hard for me to recommend exactly what to feed your dog, because it depends on the dog, and age. I'd do some research, figure what food is good. Check with your vet, and get their opinion. That's the best way obviously. Dogs should only be fed twice a day, usually 1 cup each(depending on the weight and size of the dog). Again, if you're a new dog owner, or not sure, ask your vet.

2) Give them Omega-3. Not only is it good for us humans, it's great for pets. Vets use it to treat a lot of diseases for pets. Its great for their immune system, supports healthy hearth, and kidney function. May reduce risk of cancer and help treat pets who have cancer. Give your pet one omega-3 oil every day, with their meal. It's great for their skin and coat as well. Helps with arthritis and joints. Also helps with their moods and keeps them happy. Dogs can get depressed too.

3) Give them Virgin Coconut Oil. This is great helping your pet lose weight, and feel younger. It gives them more energy, protects and supports their immune system. It's great for their skin and can help with arthritis. Reduces Cardiovascular diseases. Prevents cancer and kills cancer cells, avoiding tumors and lumps. Virgin Coconut Oil is one of the best weapons against cancer. I've used this oil to put on lumps my dog developed, and they went away. Reduces inflammation. Delay the shrinkage of the thymus(the occurs during the aging process). Start out with a teaspoon, feeding it along with their dinner. Work up to a tablespoon, per 30 pounds. Check with your vet if you want to be sure.

4) Stop feeding them table scraps. This is a bad and easy way to get your dogs health in serious risk. They cannot be eating the food we eat. If you have a habit of do this, stop doing it. It's not good for them and they are going to pay for it if you keep doing it.

5) Take them to the vet for regular checkups. I know the vet seems like the scariest place to be for pet lovers. It's important to continue to take them to your vet for checkups, just incase there is problems, they can treat it right away incase something gets worse. I think you should take your dog in at least once every three months. Older dogs may need to go more than that.

6) Walk them regularly. It's good to keep your pet active and give them the energy needed. Take them for walks around the block regularly, and keep them active. Pet just like people need regular exercise.

7) Give them only two biscuits a day. Don't give them treats constantly all the time. If you give the other snacks, same thing. It's okay to give them biscuits, because it's great for their teeth. Buy the smaller box, and only give them two. I usually give my dog his when he comes inside. He's used to getting something as a reward. Instead of giving him biscuits, I cut up little carrots and give him that instead. If you are used to taking your dog out, then giving them a biscuit, you can give them carrots instead. Carrots are healthy and harmless. Or you don't have to give them any thing, but if they're like my beagle, they'll beg you until you give them something. (remember NO chocolate, onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, xylitol (artificial sweetener)

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