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Pet Transporters from LAX / Los Angeles to Germany. Immigration Rules Germany – Los Angeles to Germany Pet Passport & Quarantine Information

Pet Transporters Los Angeles / LAX To Germany:
One of the most important things you must have in order when shipping your dog, cat or pet to Germany are your papers from a Veterinarian. Your pet will not be allowed to move with you if you do not have the proper documentation which can only come from a vet. So, find a vet. Most military bases have one. If yours doesn't, look in your local phone book.

Your Dog, Cat or Pet will ill not be allowed to enter Germany without a microchip. Have your vet insert a microchip and register that microchip online. Generally, microchip registration takes place through the company who created the microchip. Germany requires an ISO standard microchip with has 15 numbers. Make sure this is what you request when getting your pet microchipped. If your pet is already microchipped with a US Spec 9 or 10 digit microchip, your pet may need the ISO 15 digit chip also or you can carry your own scanner. Please see the Resources section for where to purchase your own scanner and a general website for registering a microchip.

Your pet must have a passport-Form EU998-to enter Germany. The passport should show a rabies vaccination by a licensed veterinarian at least 21 days before the travel date. The passport should be in German and in English. Please refer to the Resources for a link to purchase the form or ask your vet where you can obtain one. Take the form to your vet. They will fill it out. Take or mail the form to the APHIS/USDA vet office in your state. They will sign and stamp it. Be sure to call the office to find out about fees as each form has a fee. For information about where your office is, please refer to the Resources link.

Your pet will also require an International Health Certificate to travel to Germany. The health certificate should include the pet's name, the breed, color, age of the pet and its country of origin. The certificate should also include your name, address and phone number. The certificate should say the pet is parasite free and healthy. It should show all inoculations including the type, the maker and batch number if possible.

Your pet should also have a name tag on its collar which includes the pet's name, your phone number, the Micro Chip number and the name of the company that manufactured the chip.

You pet will require a kennel of the right size. All dogs, except those that are very small will require passage in the cargo hold. This requires an approved kennel by the size and weight of your dog. If you cat or dog is small enough to fit under the seat in front of you, you can use a soft-sided kennel. If your cat is not, it will also need an approved carrier. Please see the Resources section for a list of approved kennels by size.

There are also restrictions on when your pet can fly according to the weather. Your pet cannot travel in the cargo section of an airplane if the ground temperature is below 45F. There are waivers that your vet can give you for special circumstances. If the temperature is below 20F, pets will not be allowed to travel regardless of a veterinarian signed form. The same kind of restrictions apply with heat. Most airlines will not transport an animal in the cargo hold if the actual or forecasted temperature is above 84F.

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Pet Transporters Los Angeles and LAX to Germany - Shipping Your Dog, Cat or Pet to Germany