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Simple Fitness Exercises to Kick Start your Dog’s Health
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Every once in while, especially during festival seasons, our dogs tend to put on a couple extra pounds. How’s that so? Well, because we dote on our dogs way too much for them not to be included in our parties or their own special theme parties. Often times, we’re guilty of giving them too many treats that don’t serve any purposes. We give because we love them so much so that we are “blinded” of the consequences.

Don’t let your dog stay that way until the next Christmas. For all you know, by the third Christmas, he probably gain an extra 6 lbs.

What’s done cannot be undone; however we can help them shed some pounds off to regain their waistline. If it’s done on a consistent basis, not only will you help him strengthen his immune systems but may also combat some critical dog illnesses like joint and heart problems.

These fitness exercises for dogs are generally geared towards health; and no diet, however superior will provide the kind of health necessary to live a long life without adequate daily exercise. You don’t have to do them all at once. But letting your dog out into the yard to exercise himself is just not good enough.

Often lack of exercise is not the dog’s fault.

He may be kept inside all day while you are out, and there is only so much activity he can do at home alone. In any case, you’ll need to make sure he has plenty of supervised exercise. Yes, even with well-trained dogs.

Here are a few fitness exercises for your dog to keep them in great shape and always prepared for any kind of pet travel, transport and/or dog relocation.

  1. Walking: Dogs should be taken for a long walk at least twice a day. The exact length of the walk depends upon the breed of the dog. Your best bet is to choose a park that requires some walking distant. You’ll know when you have walked him enough because he will be tired when he gets home, and so will you.
  2. Fetching: If you’re no that keen on long walks, learn the tricks by which the dog gets more exercise than you do. “Fetch” is the best one. Throwing a stick or ball is good; however there are even better methods, like archery game. That’s if you are a great shooter.
  3. Swimming: Watching him swim in the pond or river or pool is another excellent fat burning exercise, but it would be much more fun if you joined in to race with him.
  4. Horse riding: Most larger dogs will enjoy accompanying you while you hack out on your horse. Beagle is one of the smaller breeds that willingly obligate.
  5. Cycling: Only obedient and well trained dogs should be exercised while you are on a bicycle. Do not attempt to do this exercise if you live in hilly country or an urban area with heavy traffic. You are putting yourself and your dog in great danger.
  6. Gym workout: No, I’m not asking your dog to bench press or leg curl! With more and more city dwellers and bad weathers, many dog owners are catching the wave of having their dogs walking on treadmill. There are even specially designed treadmills and gyms for canines. Personally, I don’t see much difference between a human and a dog treadmill. I have a regular human treadmill at home, and my dogs just take turns getting on. You’ll be amazed how some dogs are quite happy to walk on a treadmill while watching their favorite TV programs. Be careful not to set the speed too high.
  7. Stairs climbing: This is also another good exercise be it outdoor or indoor. Furthermore, stairs climbing is the quickest weight loss exercise. Dogs with shorter legs, Dachshunds, might not be very good at it, so you have to be very patient.
  8. Enroll in dog classes: Your dog may become more willing to exercise if you add variety to his fitness routine. Agility dog training classes are good both mentally and physically. These classes will help turn the most unfit, unwilling dogs into a superb athlete who loves to crawl and jump. Some dogs have such competitive spirits that they will do anything to win!
  9. Outsourcings: If your dog needs more walking than you can provide, enlist the services of a dog walker. Ensure that the dog walker walks dogs of roughly the same size as yours and that he doesn’t try to walk too many at a time. 5 dogs would be the maximum, ideally 4. Otherwise, there could be problems.
A gradual increase is better than no activities at all.

In conclusion, be patient and have fun. Don’t make these fitness exercises so rigid that they become a chore for both you and your dog. The key here is to stay healthy for good and always prepared for pet transportation and dog travel.

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Pet Travel & Dog Transport Exercises & Fitness tips for your dogs