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Animal Transporters - Rescheduling & Cancellation Policy


(Transport Week will always began on a Sunday-ending on Saturday)
In the event that you find the need to reschedule your transport within 72 hours of commencement of the scheduled transport week you will be charged a rescheduling fee of 10% of the total price for transport (not including any discounts if applicable). Rescheduling of your transport prior to 72 hours before the commencement of the transport week will incur no penalties. Please notify us as soon as you know of a change of plan.

Cancellations must be made no later than 48 hours before the scheduled pick-up week. Cancellations made after payment has been processed will receive a refund of the total transport price (not including any discounts if applicable) less 25%. Once pet is transported and/or should you cancel after the 48 hour deadline, no refund will be made.

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